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Молодежная конференция 2009: Реальность

27-29 ноября 2009 г. в Библейской церкви “Слово благодати” состоялась молодежная конференция “Reality” (Реальность). Тема: “Что есть Истина”. Целью конференции было осветить Библейское учение об Истине и ее практической важности, уделив особое внимание влиянию философии постмодернизма на понимание Истины в современном обществе и Церкви.

Is there such a thing as truth? Is it objective? Why should I care about it? People of all times have faced this question and offered differing answers. Whether we want it or not, our understanding of truth determines our daily life and its ultimate outcome. Our generation has chosen to define truth as relative, subjective, or indefinable altogether. The majority of young people embrace such understanding of truth without even a second thought. Is it right, and what are its ramifications? We challenge you to consider this question and find the answer together with us at the 2009 Reality Conference.

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